My Musicals

This page is where I keep information and songs from my musicals.I will be adding songs and details regularly.

  The First Musical: Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.

   Song 1. open s   Open Sesame

   Song 2. where is   Where is he?

  Song 3. morgiana      Morgiana

  Song 4. dont s   Dont stop the dancing

The second Musical: Snow White and the seven dwarfs

     song 1 I think     I think I fell in love

     song  2dont open    Don't let anyone in

     song 3 now that    Now that you're gone

     song 4.stone   Stone in love with you

The third musical :Alice in wonderland

song1.      rose     Song of the rose

song 2.     who are u   Who are you

song 3.     solitary    Solitary Lady

song 4.       palace     Palace Soldier

The fourth Musical: Harvest Love Song

     song 1  .all i All I want is you

The fifth Musical : The Christian

song 1.       herod I wonder ( Herod's Song)

song 2.         mara Call me Mara

song 3.        comeCome with me

song 4.        was IWas I to blame?

song 5            jewishLittle Jewish girl

song 6             farerwell Farewell my love

song 7            doubting I doubt