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puzzle 6


. The case of the missing pound

Three men go to a hotel to book a room.The clerk tells them the room costs £30. Each man then pays £10 each to the clerk and go to their room.The clerk ,however, decides then that the price is a bit steep for the three men sharing and decides to charge only £25 for the room. He calls the bell boy and gives him a £5 note and tells him to bring it to the men's room. The bellboy, being slightly dishonest, says to himself, the £5 won't split evenly for the three men so he decides to keep £2 for himself and give the men back £3. He calls to their room and hands each of them £1. They have now paid £9 each for the room which is £27 and the two in the bellboys pocket brings it to £29. Where is the missing pound?




Puzzle 7

You are given a set of scales and 12 marbles. The scales are of the old balance variety. That is, a small dish hangs from each end of a rod that is balanced in the middle. The device enables you to conclude either that the contents of the dishes weigh the same or that the dish that falls lower has heavier contents than the other.

The 12 marbles appear to be identical. In fact, 11 of them are identical, and one is of a different weight. Your task is to identify the unusual marble and discard it. You are allowed to use the scales three times if you wish, but no more.

Note that the unusual marble may be heavier or lighter than the others. You are asked to both identify it and determine whether it is heavy or light.



Puzzle 8


A man is looking at a photograph and makes the following statement:

'Brothers and sisters I have none,but that man's father is my father's son'

Who is he looking at?





Puzzle 9


You have 2 large identical glass jars. there is an amoeba (single-celled animal) in one jar.Every minute the amoeba divides into 2 amoebae. After an hour the first jar is full.How long will it take to fill the two jars ?





 Puzzle 10


A boat is docked in the harbour.The boat's ladder is hanging over the side and the water is currently up to the first rung . The distance between each rung of the ladder is One foot. and the tide is rising at a rate of one foot every hour. Which rung will the water be at in 4 hours time??






Puzzle 11


A hunter arose early and headed south. After a mile he spotted a Bear.The bear headed east at full speed.The hunter caught up with the bear, after a mile and shot and killed it. He then walked the mile north back to his camp.

What colour was the bear?




Puzzle 12



Two days ago, Suzy was 8. Next year, she'll be 11. How is this possible ?







Puzzle 13


Jack and Jill are playing cards for $1 stake per game. Jack wins 3 games and Jill wins $3

How many games did they play?







Puzzle 14



Use the same word to fill in the spaces of the following sentence ( the word may be broken up, but the letters will be in the same order)

The..................doctor was.......................to operate because he had........................!








Puzzle 15



You are participating in a road race and you overtake the person in second place.What position are you now in?









                                                Puzzle 16.


Albert and Bernard just become friends with Cheryl and they want to know her birthday.

Cheryl gives them a list of 10 possible dates.

                    May 15           May 16             May 19

                    June 17          June 18

                    July 14            July 16

                   August 14        August 15       August 17

        Cheryl then tells Albert the month only  and bernard the date only


Albert:  ' I don't know when Cheryls' birthday is but I know that Bernard doesn't either'

Bernard:  ' At first I didn't know Cheryls' birthday but I do now'

Albert:  ' then I also know her birthday!'


                               what date is Cheryls' birthday?